How-to-draw Horses

 Learn how to draw horses with
The Cartoon Project!

An app for true horse lovers with easy to follow steps
showing how to sketch a collection of horse breeds.
Available for:  iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad & Android

We’re launching this app with the following features:
  • the instructions on how to draw 18 different horse breeds, including: Gypsy Cob, Fjord, Haflinger, Shetland, Welsh Pony, Quarterhorse, Appaloosa, Paint, Andalusian, Stock Horse, Marwari, Lippizaner, Sport Pony, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Hackney, Black Forest and Warmblood.
  • an example the four gaits (walk, trot, cantor, gallop) which you can draw your horse posing in
  • the inclusion of our first bonus ‘horse’ - which needs to be seen to be believed ;)
But we’re not done yet!
Coming up in our next updates will be more horse breeds, more bonus ‘horses’ and a new section with a big collection of different stances you can draw your favourite horse breed in.

If you like drawing and/or like horses – you’ll love The Cartoon Project’s Drawing Horses!

iPhone Screenshots:



iPad Screenshots: